Short Descriptons On HyperCasual Games

I watched Gamejam’s Christian Calderon’s PocketGamer talk on ad monetisation recently. Then I stumbled upon this. Two games that have almost identical mechanics, almost identical name and different subtitles or short descriptions. As you can see picture below.


On his talk Christian mentions about A\B tests on Two Dots game they published. The results of this tests showed them, short descriptions are third most important factor on conversion variances which are click through (CRT) rate and conversion rate (CVR).

CTR is simply click amount that your ad gets. CVR is basically install amount on that ad.

Short descriptions, in my humble opinion, should not be boring texts that just describes your game. This is not your dissertation. They should have some kind of feeling, excitement and action. The feeling of the text should mostly depend on your game. And that’s exactly what Christian says too. He says, putting descriptions is not good, you want to put a call to action in short description, action to download your game, it’s usually more effective. Here is the short descriptions that they tested for

Two Dots game.

First one ;

     “Two Dots is a new, fun and FREE social puzzle game from the makers of Dots”

Second one;

    “Play the best social puzzle game on Android, it’s easy, fun and free to install”

As you can guess second one includes everything we discussed and it performed +7% more on conversion variances. If you spend millions of dollar on ads, I believe 7% makes a lot of difference.

Short descriptions also contains keywords for users and search engines, that’s another reason to write better short descriptions.

So now, you probably can guess what’s the issue on the picture. Let’s look a bit closer.

          “Satisfying wood carving art”

The word satisfying is relatively good choice, at least it contains some kind of emotion but when I read whole text, my reaction was “mmmkay, i understood the game”. Whole text is ordinary and boring, does not have any emotion and excitement at all. Also nobody plays games for satisfaction :), satisfaction is something you get after you achieve or do something. It is a result, not reason to download your game which that is what the purpose of short description.

“One lathe to rule them all !”

I think the feeling of this text is pretty self explanatory because it contains almost universal reference that everybody can understand and relate. And that reference alone is a reason to click into it because it’s pretty ambitious and exciting. It has enough emotion and action, using this kind of reference is also pretty smart idea. And I don’t even know what lathe is. :)

So guess which one I downloaded, both. :) I am a game developer, I had to see both of them.

My feelings aside, I think +7% more performance is very important in that scale of advertisement. So we shouldn’t ignore the data and tests.

If you want to watch whole talk click here, it’s very informant.

Thanks for reading.

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